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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  June 8, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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the mavs, where was lebron james in the fourth question? it's way too early for this. good morning. i'm willie gice. this is way too early. prepare for today's national heat wave by stocking up on snow cones. you're listening live on sirius xm radio. shoot me an e-mail. what are you doing up at this hour? we'll read the best responses later in the show the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for today. president obama defending hissed a minl strags's record on the economy even as he comes under attack from his 2012 opponents. plus the boston red sox,
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roll into yankee stadium and show the world just what money can get you. remember, the yankees are the underdog in my big story here. high lights a bit later. at 5:30 a.m. you're at 30 rock. new report exposes major risks that the united states is taking in its effort at nation-building in afghanistan. they're expected to warn if the u.s. doesn't overhaul its aid package afghanistan is in jeopardy of a severe economic depression when troops leave in 2014. according to the part stabilization programs in afghanistan have shown limited success despite the spending of 18.8 billion in u.s. foreign aid. right now, spending on foreign aid in afghanistan, averages about $320 million a month. the report finds are utterly
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incapable of spending large amount of cash wisely. it amounts to 97% of afghanistan's gross demost -- domestic product. among its key recommendations the report advises the obama administration to stop paying inflated salaries and to give a closer look at spending. meanwhile, president obama remains resolved to begin the afghan transition process. here's what he said at a news conference yesterday. >> we discussed our progress in afghanistan, where we have broken the taliban momentum, trained afghan forces and now poised to turn a corner in our efforts. we'll begin reducing american
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forces this summer even as we join with germany and our allies in supporting afghans in their plaolitical and economic corner the white house is looking for $3.2 billion in foreign aid for afghanistan in next year's budget. that amount, obviously will be reviewed very closely. libyan leader is refusing to accept defeat as nato ramps up its air campaign over the country. libya says that at least 60 bomb s rained down. >> reporter: in broad daylight, nato unleashed its biggest barrage yet. rocked the uneasy calm here in the ripoli. among the target m oshgomoammar
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gadhafi's compound. state television was another target. state tv broadcast video of gadhafi meeting with tribal leaders. earlier in day, he phoned in angry, calling the libyan rebels bastards. we will not surrender to nato, he said, being a martyr is a million times better. nato has been intensifying its effort across libya, hoping to push gadhafi out. >> he will fight to the end and nato is making a big gamble by trying to kill gadhafi and the inner circle. really the situation is beyond any kind of compromise. >> reporter: in washington, president obama sounded optimistic. >> the progress that has been made in libya is significant. and i think it's just a matter of time before gadhafi goes. >> in a late-night press conference, libyan officials had a different message.
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>> nato is going mad because it could feel the resilience of the libyan nation. >> reporter: gafdhafi, his support as the bombs continued to drop might be slipping. and rebel leader said that libya leadabor ministry the lat to defect. yemen's president is more seriously injured than originally believed. u.s. officials say that saleh has burned over 40% of his body and suffered bleeding on his brain. in the attack on his palace last friday. he's now in saudi arabia receiving medical attention. an opportunity for the opposition to seize control in yemen after months of deadly
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protests have left the country on the brink of civil war. the country's vice president is now its acting leader. turning back to the united states, and the economy, after a string of discouraging reports, president obama is addressing that it's heading in reverse. the president told the country not to panic. >> i'm not concerned about a double-dip recession. i'm concerned about the fact that the recovery that we're on, is not producing jobs as quickly as i want it to happen. the overall trend that we have seen over the last 15 months, 2 million, over 2 million jobs created over the past 15 months, you know, a rebounding of the manufacturing sector in the united states. that's xemfullied by the
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recovery of the big three automakers here. all indicates that we have set a path that will lead us to longterm economic growth. we still got some work to do. >> meanwhile, tim pawlenty, not was taking the president's word. he accused president obama of being a quote, champion practice tigser in of class warfare. >> that was last year. the recovery summer. now, gas is $4 a gallon. home prices are in the gutter. our health care system, thanks to obamacare, is more expensive and less efficient. unemployment is back over 9%. our national debt has skyrocketed. now, if that was recovery, then our president needs to enter
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economic rehab. >> his plan would simply individual tax rat to 10% and 25% and eliminate all taxes on capital gains, interest income and on dividends. the former minnesota governor called for more than $2 trillion in tax cuts over the next decade. on the front page of the wall street journal this morning, a cautious economic outlook from federal chairman ben bernanke who said that dwro growth has been slower than expected. >> good morning to you. ben bernanke managed to kill stone dead. the rally that we saw in the e
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questionty. he was a lot more negative on the growth outlook than the market was anticipating. although he said that things would improve in the second half of the year. there were some upbeat notes within the gloom generally from his presentation. one area i think that the markets will be looking for movement on is in the oil prices. we have an opec meeting going on here. the latest report on average fuel prices across the united states indicating that at least gas prices per gallon are starting to come down. willie, back to you. >> all right, geoff, thank you. some prominent republicans now are calling for new york congressman anthony weiner to resign in the wake of his admission that he was involved in inappropriate messaging with several women online.
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house majority leader eric cantor did the same. >> we got a lot of serious challenges going on in the country and a lot of work for congress to do. the last thing we need to do be in discussion about congressman weiner and his twitter activities. i think it's up to congressman weiner and constituents to resign. >> they issued a statement yesterday, targeting 17 house democrats who received donations from congressman weiner's fund. calling it quote, tainted money. meanwhile, some democrats are distancing themselves from weiner as well. harry wrid one of the few democrats to address the scandal yesterday. >> i know congressman weiner.
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i wish there was some way i can defend him, but i can't. i'm not here to defend weiner. that's all i'm going to say. >> what advice would you give him? >> call somebody else. >> it could result in a recommendation that he could be excelled from the house. still ahead on way too early -- dirk nowitzki had a 101 fever and didn't sleep the night before. so, what was lebron's excuse yesterday? another nba final game decided in the final moments. jon stewart took some heat yesterday for going easy on anthony weiner. last night, he held a press conference. when way too really comes right back.
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>> all right, fire is the story. arizona. second biggest fire they have ever had out there. this one is blowing smoke all of the way to new mexico. that's going to continue, no relief in sight for them. windy and warm for the rest of us. those are the temperatures from yesterday. minneapolis, that hot air is now heading for the new england area. today, 9 of in hartford. 98 in philly. boston will be hot. as far as the rest of the country goes, more of the same, willie. this is it. this is mid-july, mid-august-type heat. >> wow. unbelievable. bill, thanks so much. sports now. we begin with game four of the nba finals in dallas. another tight one. the heat with a 2-1 series lead entering the game and lebron james rallying his team again for tipoff. >> even though we're 2-1 up, i still feel like our back is up
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against the wall. this is must-win game. >> lot of talking from lebron, not a whole lot of playing. the mavs' dirk nowitzki dealing with a finger injury, last night playing with a 101-degree fever, didn't sleep the night before. wade had 32, the heat up four. haslem with the jumper. put the heat up by 9. back comes 9, chandler got stuffed there by wade. nice little pass from lebron and the layup. now, dallas begins the rally. late in the game, down by 1. big turnover, jason terry comes away with the wide-open bucket. 2 of his 17 points and the mavs take the lead. 20 seconds to go. miami needs a stoep. they're down one point. dirk guarded by haslem. makes it a three-point game. last chance for miami.
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gets it to mike miller, air ball, it doesn't go. mavs come back to win it, 86-83. lebron james didn't score in the fourth quarter, took one shot in the fourth quarter did lebron james. series tied 2-2. game five thursday night in dallas. the u.s. open starts next weekend, tiger woods will not be playing. not playing in the u.s. open, very disappointed. he was listening to the advice of his doctors as he recovers from lingering injuries from his left knee and his achilles tendon. baseball's biggest rivalry, yankees and red sox in the bronx last night. first batter of the game, he goes down and gets one for a solo home run before the crowd
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had even sat down. tough play here for the yankees. mark teixeira hit in the knee by jon lester. left the game in on obvious pain. x-rays, the good news, were negative. watch him flip the bat. ortiz said that there was no ill intent. tying run at the plate. in the form of alex rodriguez. boston wins, 6-4, now even with the yankees. atop the american league east. by the way, derek jeter, two hits last night, now 12 away from 3,000 zblrjts finally the olympics staying with nbc. the international olympic committee announced yesterday that nbc won a bidding war with fox, espn and abc for the rights
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to broadcast all summer and winter olympics through 2020. the price tag, $4.38 billion. coming up at the top of the hour on morning joe -- president obama said that we're about to turn a corner in afghanistan, even as a new report from the senate foreign relations committee say showing that the united states nation-building project will crumble as soon as we leave. when we come back -- we'll watch jon stewart tender his resignation in the light of his handling of the anthony weiner scandal. chloe is 9 months old. she is the greatest thing ever. one little smile, one little laugh. honey bunny. [ babbles ] [ laughs ] we would do anything for her. my name is kim bryant and my husband and i made a will on legalzoom. it was really easy to do. [ spits ] [ both laugh ] [ shapiro ] we created legal zoom
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as we told you early yemeni president saleh suffered injuries much more serious than first reported. burns over 40% of his body will delay his return to yemen a current th country that he has ruled for decades. with 33 years in power, asleh of yem season the world's second longest serving leader. let's huddle up around the
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water cooler. jon stewart's handling of weiner. stewart is friends with weiner. so, last night, he held a mock press conference. it looked exactly like the one anthony weiner held, he drank an awful lot of water and other things. much as anthony weiner did. there you go. during his press conference. keep in mind, jon stewart suffers an actual bloody injury during this press conference. watch. >> congressman weiner asked that the -- in question was his own. he did so, he did so at a press conference at 4:30 in the afternoon. we tape our program at 6:00. i made the decision -- to do a couple of weiner jokes, mention
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the press conference but mostly stick to the script that we had written. this is my decision. my decision alone. i recognize how wrong i was. i'm probably going to need to go to the hospital. unlike the congressman, i have decided to step down. i'll turn the program over to john oliver. >> this time, weiner, there will be no happy ending. and as for you, stewart, and your visibly, visibly injured hand, that's a genuine problem.
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that's a genuine problem. >> i'm bleeding out. >> you had a chance to dry your eyes, turn off your soul and give this audience the jokes they waited outside in 90-degree temperatures for you and you failed, jon. well, no more, jon. no longer. clear eyes. >> tough way for jon to go. bleeding out after smashing his hand on a margarita machine. still ahead -- your texts and e-mails are next and morning joe. pa
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confidence available in color. dependĀ® colors for women. looks and fits like underwear. protects like nothing else. dependĀ®. good morning. great day. disapproval of obama's economic record rising. all right, denise writes. today's my last day of teaching after 30 years. >> wow, congratulations. no joke here, good for y


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